Corporate Profile - The Signature of Profitlane

With our fingers on the pulse, Profitlane understands the correlation of one comfortable and desirable of sleeping bedding. Today’s society with boundless and innumerable ideas have persistently called for innovations and diversified choices.

Profitlane established in 1989 with its top management and workmen of more than 15 years experience in the industry are capable of recognizing the needs of the market. We are in the position to comprehend the significance of innovation and functional designs with highly competitive pricing without renouncing the quality of our products.

Currently, our international market sector are based in Australia, UK, USA, New Zealand, France, Spain, Morocco, Ireland, South Africa and etc., Among our products which are made of metal are bedding set, dinning set, coffee table, console table, centre table, end table, corner shelf, tier rack, console table/mirror and etc.,

Due to our expanding, we have also set up and factory in China. Rest assured, our philosophy in business is to develop, sustain and enhance a sincere long-term joint success with an our esteemed clients. Profitlane was developed and conjured up most importantly with you in mine and with the positive tone to provide the extra mileage and extra edge over all your peers!

The ground work for innovation in Profitlane has been laid by exploring new ideas in design, ergonomics aspects and reliable components couples with continue-improved quality products are to be an unique corporate identity of the company – the symbol of quality and leading design even in services.